Grademiners review
3.8 out of 10 points

GradeMiners has become quite infamous for the way it offers its services. There have been hundreds of students who have been sorely disappointed by this company and there are many reasons for that. In this GradeMiners review, we find out which aspects the company fails and why is that so.

In order to bring an unbiased review, we ordered from the company ourselves to gain the first-hand experience and only as a supplement we refer to other GradeMiners reviews online. Students are requested to go through this review in full before deciding to spend their top dollar here.

Services Offered

As soon as one visits the, they can find a section dedicated to the services that are offered. These are:

  • Essays
  • Assignments
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Book Report
  • Lab Report
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Rewriting

Apparently, there are many services available on Grade Miners. Though the most popular ones are covered, there are many that are amiss, such as programming. Additionally, there is a problem with one of the services on the list – Rewriting. That is because we find it hard to understand why professional writers would be required for a task that involves paraphrasing.

This only gives us reason to question the credibility of the writers who claim to provide the best college essays. The various reviews written by students shed light on this and confirm our doubts regarding the unprofessional nature of the essays that are written. Still, we went ahead and ordered a Book report on the famous Russian novel Crime and Punishment from them for purposes of this Grademiners review.


The price is ranged between $8.77 per page for a 20-day deadline to $48.51 per page for a 1-hour deadline. Straightaway our suspicions arose as we find it hard to believe that anyone could write a Ph.D. paper under an hour. The only way this can be done is if huge chunks of content are being plagiarized. It is possible that the writers may be able to dupe the students, but the write-ups would never go past the professors. This way, one’s studies are put at a greater risk.

The lower limit is also too low and certainly does raise some red flags. We hardly know of a company that is willing to write college-level assignments for less than $9. Either malpractices are involved or the writers who are assigned such tasks do not have enough experience. For our five-page Book Report, we were charged $65.75. In the next section, we shall see if it was worth it or not.

Quality of Papers

Now to the meat of the matter. The aforementioned points can be overlooked if only the quality of papers is high. Unfortunately, this is not the case with GradeMiners. At first, we were surprised by the content of the report for it seemed unique and well written. However, after doing a bit of research our surprise turned to shock as we found exactly where the content was lifted from verbatim.

For a company that claims to write good college essays, it is certainly not only unprofessional but also discourteous to try to trick their customers as such. There are various such reviews online that have bashed this company for generating content that cannot be given to college professors. All of this only means that the company doesn’t train its writers properly and has a very shabby work ethic.

Support Team

We had high hopes from the customer support unit but unfortunately, they let us down as well. They were helpful when we were asking them general questions before ordering. But as soon as we ordered, all their courtesy and professionalism disappeared. They wouldn’t even let us contact the writer who was working on our task and so we didn’t know how our book report was coming along.

When we told them regarding the issues with our book report, they only provided us with one revision but even that didn’t improve the report by much. There is no sense of urgency with them even on live chat as they would take hours to respond to simple queries. This is clearly not the hallmark of a good essay writings service and we wish they wouldn’t deceive their customers as such.

Speed of Delivery

The only thing that is positive in nature is its timely delivery. Though we were left in the dark as to the progress of our book report, we did receive it on time. However, since most of the content was plagiarized there is no reason why this shouldn’t have been the case. They took extra time only when we asked for the revision and tried to rewrite some of the content on their own. This we believe should’ve been done in the first place which would’ve to save the additional time that they took.

Special Offers

There is a 15% discount for uni students who are ordering for the first time. This is their marketing strategy which is used by Gradminers to lure students to their website. Other than that, there are no other offers that returning users can take advantage of. This leaves much to be desired as there is no incentive for students to come back to them.

General Impression

The overall impression that we got from this company was that of unprofessionalism. Though their website is quite neatly organized, it is just the smooth front for a fraudulent company. There are hardly any positives to talk about that would be able to redeem this company. Everything from the quality of essays to the customer support that they offer, the agents and the writers do a sub-par work that will not get you the high-grades that it claims.

Hopefully, after reading this review, you have a sufficient understanding of the reasons why this company fails so miserably and why it is so infamous in the industry. We would never recommend this service to students and would advise them to try out other alternatives.

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