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TopEssayWriting looks ideal. It doesn’t even suffice to say good because, as soon as you open the website, you’ll be bombarded with things like ‘plagiarism-free’, ‘100% money back’, and ‘time tested quality’. Unfortunately, our experience with it did not result in top essay writing. In fact, they managed to fail in providing each and every one of these promises. Keep reading this review to find out how and why.

Services Offered

Most of the time, companies create grand service lists, even if they aren’t able to complete the tasks. This one hasn’t, which we took as a good sign. It seemed as if they’ve limited their list to ensure quality.

But, strangely enough, they have some of the most complicated papers like dissertations and case studies, while they lack some of the basic ones. Even so, the list is sufficient for us to say that this service offers everything an ordinary student can need, start to finish.

At the same time, this is the only thing the Top Essay Writing reviews we read didn’t complain about.


The prices are really cheap. Some reviews mentioned hidden and additional expenses, but we did not have that kind of problem. However, prices are a bit too low for the quality to be as promised. So, we didn’t set our expectations high, especially after reading all those negative
Top Essay Writing reviews.

Their starting price is $12.99, but that’s without the discounts and special offers. With them, it’s reduced even further. You’ll probably find their site to be a bit disorganized, but they do present the prices fast and clear. For example, this same paper would cost $19.99 for a doctoral level, which is to our surprise, still a considerably small fee to pay for the promised quality.

Quality of Papers

The quality corresponds to the price – it’s also low. In fact, we found it to be lower than what you’re supposed to get for that price. It was that bad. First, their plagiarism-free promise is false. We found over 30% plagiarism in a single, 4-page essay. Because of their guarantee for originality, we were entitled to get our money back. We didn’t, so there goes their money-back guarantee. Apparently, you’ll never be eligible to get it, unless you don’t receive your paper.

To our biggest disappointment, some reviews mentioned even such cases. There have been many delays and still, no refund.

Finally, the ‘time-tested’ quality statement does not stand, either. The rest of the paper that wasn’t plagiarized was so poorly crafted, it was easy to conclude that not a native writer has written it. It was also too plain for the college level we ordered it for.

With that plagiarism we found, it wouldn’t even land a high school student a high grade.

Support Team

Now that you know of our experience with the guarantees, you’ve probably assumed that our communication with the support did not go well at all. We actually got into a fight on the live chat because the agent was the rudest professional ever. We can’t even call him a professional.

To our complaint about the plagiarism, he said: ‘well, we have to use SOME sources, it is a research paper’. For the lack of quality and the array of mistakes, he said you should have paid extra for editing’.

So, not only did we have a bad experience with the quality and the writer, but the support was extremely unprofessional, too.

Speed of Delivery

This is the only part about our order that went well. Unlike all those students who spoke of missed deadlines and papers that were never delivered, we received ours in time.

Special Offers

There’s a code that gets you 13% off, which is a good offer considering how low the prices are, to begin with. Then you’d have to wait until your fifth order to start the loyalty program. Once you order fifteen times, no matter how big your orders are, you’ll get 15% off – forever.

It’s a rather strange loyalty program, but with those rates, we didn’t even expect it to exist.

General Impression

Our general impression about is far from good. Nothing is like it’s presented on their website. Starting with the incompetent writers and finishing with the rudest support service we’ve spoken to, this is not a service you should trust with your essays.

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