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4.4 out of 10 points promises many things. They promise the work of brilliant writers, unlimited amendments, and excellent prices. By the end of this review, you will learn that the company does only one of the three things for all their students. Unlike the great UK Writings reviews they proudly post on the website, there are many negative ones outside of it. It almost makes it seem like the UKWritings reviews on the website are fake, or at least handpicked to eliminate the bad ones.

But, to understand the truth about this, you need more than just reading a short UKWritings review or two. What you need is a full UK Writings review, one that includes every little detail about their offers, their deliveries, and their quotes. Keep reading.

Services Offered

The services part was one of the best parts of our UKWritings review. In fact, it was probably one of the very few parts that gave the company some points. The service list of UK Writings includes all kinds of writings that start from highly demanded essays and term papers and goes to programming assignments, different projects, reports, and other services. In other words, this company has everything to offer. But, it is the way they offer their services that made this UK Writings review as low rated as it is.


UK Writings is considerably cheap for a company that promises so much. We would rank their prices somewhere in the low average. When you add the discounts to them, they definitely seem too good to be true.

For example, a 2-weeks deadline for most of their papers comes with a cost of only $13.99 and that is before you add the generous 16% discount. Since this is not a small offer, the price gets really close to $10, which for most students is a reason enough to order. From our experience, this is a red flag – and a big one.

Other than this discount, UKWritings has a loyalty program if you return to ask for more papers. It’s the regular one, the one that most companies use. You accumulate orders and based on the number of pages, you get 5% to 15% as a lifelong discount to use forever. It takes only 15 pages to get 5% off all papers. When you get to 51 pages, this offer turns to 10%. When you get over 100, you get 15% off  as long as you keep ordering from them.

Quality of Papers

Everything so far sounds perfect in the ears of a student – all the papers you can get and really great prices. But, the reason why UKWritings is so unpopular with the crowd is this part here, the quality they provide.

This company has ruined all our good impressions when we received the paper. It was worse than we could have anticipated, and we didn’t even have our hopes set high because of the low prices. You can’t expect greatness from writers that get paid less than $10. Qualified writers don’t often work for such rates.

The quality was really bad. It didn’t at all fit the college level we ordered it for. It was written in plain English and had so many weird mistakes, it was obvious that the person who wrote it wasn’t even all that fluent in English. When the plagiarism scanner showed a number of 34%, it was rather clear why this company has so many bad comments and such low prices.

Support Team

Getting such a paper would infuriate anybody, so we assumed that the support often deals with such complaints. But, they seem to not care about this. The support sent us ready answers when we approached them in the live chat.

The answers repeated the same things – that we aren’t entitled to a refund, that they have great guarantees but we don’t meet the criteria, etc. They have explained their guarantees that should cover delays in delivery, plagiarism in content, and bad quality and yet – they offered no assistance whatsoever, not even their constantly promoted unlimited amendments guarantee.

Speed of Delivery

There is no speed here – literally. We placed our order a week ahead of the deadline and they still managed to delay it for three hours. Imagine what would happen if we ordered it hours before the deadline!? They even have options that go down to 3 hours as a deadline, something that is almost impossible to accomplish for even the best-rated companies out there.

Special Offers

If you don’t do some research online, you’ll think that the 16% off is a special offer with limited validity. Don’t let this mislead you – the discount has been there since forever. We know this because it is mentioned in many testimonials that date back years. Other than this, there aren’t any special offers we learned of when we checked the testimonials.

General Impression

At first, UK Writings leaves the impression of being a ready service. They have a huge list of different things that students can order, good prices, and generous discounts. They also promise many things and claim to guarantee them. But, if you look closer or spend your money there, you’ll be very disappointed to learn that neither their writers nor their support team are equipped to help students in time or with quality products.

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