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EduBirdie is not your standard writing service. It’s a platform that promotes writers and their services, and the customers choose an author to hire. It’s something like a freelancing platform. You don’t get any serious guarantees on quality, since it’s your responsibility to choose the right writer.

There’s some control over the writers they accept, but it’s not enough. That’s why students often complain about EduBirdie plagiarism issues, missed deadlines, and low quality. The company does not have a system to protect its customers against such practices.

This brings us to the question: is EduBirdie legal? Yes; absolutely. The company tells you exactly how the process goes and you agree to it. But is EduBirdie safe? Now that’s a whole other issue. No; it’s not safe to choose writers with no prior experience in your project, since they can’t write it well.

Services Offered

The first thing we checked for our EduBirdie review was the list of services. It’s standard. You can order an essay, term paper, research paper, coursework assignment, case study, PowerPoint presentation, business, plan, lab report, and many other services.

Since this is a service where you practically hire a freelance writer, you can order any kind of project and wait to see if the writers bid. Someone will bid, for sure. But here comes that question again: is EduBirdie cheating? The writers might be cheating under no control of the service. They don’t have experience to write you a dissertation chapter. If you order it, they will still bid on it and you’ll hire one. You won’t get what you need, so that can be defined as EduBirdie cheating.


This is the most interesting aspect of the EduBirdie review. The prices are not featured at the website, since the writers have an opportunity to decide how much they deserve for a particular project. When you order an essay, some of them will bid $10 per page, and others might set a quote of $30 per page. Who will deliver the best content? There’s no way to know.

It’s not smart to think that the higher price brings better quality. Not here; not at this website. None of the writers have the needed qualifications for dissertations and other complex projects, but they are free to bid on them. A writer with a college degree will offer to write your dissertation for $40 per page. They will do it, but there will be plagiarism in it and you won’t like the content.

Bottom line is: even if you choose the highest bidder, you might get caught using EduBirdie. Plagiarism is a common issue for writers that base their work on paraphrasing.

Quality of Papers

We get down to the same question again: is EduBirdie legit? Well it’s a legit service, but based on the promises that it doesn’t live up to and the tricks it plays to attract customers, it’s kind of a cheater in the student’s eyes.

This isn’t a claim based on research. Yes; I did a lot of research to review this service. But I also hired a writer there. What can I say; the system doesn’t work. My writer used the term “Expert” in his user name. When I clicked “Search Google for this image” on the photo he used on the profile, I realized he stole it from a PhD expert working in the Department of Leukemia, Division of Cancer Medicine. No; this isn’t the expert who’s actually on the photo. It’s a freelance writer who picked a random picture from the net. That’s plagiarism, right from the start.

As for the subjects, he’s covered sociology, psychology, English, history, geography, political science, and many other subjects. How can you be an expert in all this? You can’t be.

Support Team

When I tried contacting the EduBirdie support team via live chat, the representatives were quick to answer. They convinced me I would be directly connected with the writer I choose.

But after I hired a writer, no one from the support team wanted to help me reach him. I contacted them to complain that the writer didn’t deliver the quality I expected. They said that their recommendation was for customers to sort out all issues through communication with the writer. Such communication was non-existent here.

Speed of Delivery

I was convinced that the writer would miss the deadline, since he was not available at all during the process of completion. I was pleasantly surprised to see the content delivered on time. But another surprise followed: the content was awful and my writer didn’t bother revising it. So I never really got the paper I paid for.

Special Offers

Since you get to choose the price by choosing a writer, there’s no discount policy at this website.

As for the special features, there’s a cool EduBirdie plagiarism tool at the website. But be careful; it’s designed not to catch plagiarism. If you check the same content with Copyscape or another advanced tool, you’ll see that it’s not clean.

General Impression

There can only be one conclusion: don’t trust these writers. They trick you into hiring them by false claims. They are just freelance writers who may be good at writing, but are usually not qualified for advanced academic projects. 

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