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The internet is teeming with various essay writing companies but are all of them worth your money? Definitely not. There are many companies that provide less than ideal write-ups and aren’t capable of guaranteeing quality output, even though they may advertise it. is one such company that we are looking at today.

There are various EssayPro reviews that denigrate this company for its unprofessional work. But for our review, we started off by giving it the benefit of the doubt and decided to order from it ourselves. If you are wondering – “is essay pro legit?” then read this review in full and find out what our experience was like. Hopefully, by the end of this review, you will know why so many students have been so upset about using this service.

Services Offered

Since EssayPro utilizes the bidding system, it is not easy to know which services are offered and which are not. The website claims that students can order whatever they like and the writers will bid on it. However, it has often been the case that some orders rarely get any bids. This is because many writers may not be familiar with writing content for that particular assignment.

The services offered are divided into three distinct categories like:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Rewriting

Anything you order will be categorized under one of these three sections. For our order, we asked for a simple uni Economics essay. Though we didn’t find it hard to get writers bidding on our order, we are aware of many student testimonials and Essay pro reviews where the bidding system is more of a problem than an advantage. Since there is no concrete service list, students are usually left in the dark and only very later find out if the types of essays that they want or available or not.


As per the bidding system, the pricing is also a dicey issue. Most bids start at $12 but we would not suggest you settle for low bids since the writers may not be professional enough to handle your order. However, anything above $20 per page ends up being too expensive and there certainly are many better alternatives out there at this price range.

For our order, we decided to go for a writer that charged $18 per page. We were skeptical from the beginning regarding this since we couldn’t verify the writer’s credentials. Still, we ended up spending $90 for the whole assignment which we realized was a little too much.

The fluctuations in the prices that come about with this system hurt the students more than they aid them. This is because at Essay Pro, no qualified writer would bid too low and this ends up being the thorn in the system. A concrete price list was sorely missed and we wish things would change in the future to make things more transparent.

Quality of Papers

This is the most important aspect that we have been itching to talk about for this is where the whole edifice that Essay Pro has built comes crashing down. The economics assignment we had ordered for which we paid top dollar didn’t receive the treatment it deserved. Many important points were missed and there were indications of plagiarism as well. Many times, the grammatical errors stood out like sore thumbs that made it hard to overlook them.

To find what others had to say, we scoured the online writing community for positive Essay pro reviews but came in short. Most reviews tell the same old story of unprofessional work that is fraught with multiple mistakes, missing information, and plagiarized content.

Support Team

We didn’t have much to expect from the beginning for all our hopes were dashed by the support system. This is because before we ordered, the agents were very receptive and replied promptly. However, as soon as we had ordered they disappeared just as swiftly. It took us three emails to get word from them regarding any update from the writer. This would be very unnerving and irksome for college students who are usually on a very short deadline.

Speed of Delivery

Though for a typical Essay Pro review there will hardly be a thing that would be positively worthy of mention. However, fortunately for us, we didn’t have any issues with the delivery speed. This is the only silver lining that we could find in our dealing with EssayPro. The deadline for our assignment was 7 days but we got received it on the 5th day itself. Given the quality that we received, we wished they had taken the extra time.

Special Offers

Since this is a company that makes use of the bidding system, students who are looking for discounts to bring the price down will be sorely disappointed. For our Essaypro review, we were looking for offers other than the discounts but unfortunately couldn’t find one. If you want to reduce the price, you would have to discuss the rate with the writer, given that s/he is one of the top writers who can take care of all your orders.

General Impression

The initial impression we had by looking at the website alone was deceptively positive. This is because once we ordered for purposes of this Essaypro review, we found out what other such reviews were talking about. Our general impression regarding this company is that of ineptitude and incompetence. Students are better off taking assistance from other services for their studies.

Be it their price model, the services that they offer, or the quality of work that they generate, we couldn’t find much that could salvage this company. We conclude this review by stating that we would never recommend this company to anyone looking for online assignment assistance. Not only will the company swindle you out of your money, but they will also leave you frustrated and angry for the below-average write-ups that they provide.

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