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With samples of exceptional quality, the website of AssignmentMan is sure to impress you right away. We did our check on their pages and, judged by what we read and saw, this assignment help service has worked for a long time and has many customers on board. Even so, we never give a service the title best essay writing service in the UK without checking everything. We started with the reputation – an excellent start of this AssignmentMan review. Now it’s time to move onto the offers, prices, and features. If you’re interested in learning more, read this review.

Services Offered

There’s an entire page on the AssignmentMan website dedicated to describing the services offered. This is somewhat of a flaw because that page lacks some of the papers that you’ll find in the order and price form. So, if you can’t find a paper you need in the services page, make sure to check the price form to see if they have it. Since they have quite a lot of services in their selection, you’ll probably find any service you need during your studies.

In addition to the ‘traditional papers’, the ones that are often assigned, also offers some less frequent papers like:

  • Critical thinking
  • Lab report
  • Short story
  • Marketing plan
  • SWOT analysis
  • Financial analysis


Seeing how popular is, our expectation was that this service is really expensive. But, that’s not the case. The truth is, it’s far from cheap, but the rates are quite reasonable and would fit any student’s budget. A standard quality essay begins with a quote of $19.99 per page for 10 days and goes up to $41.99 per page for 3 hours. That same paper can go as high as $49.99 and $52.99 for the tightest deadline if you order it of premium or platinum quality.

If you order ahead, you can enjoy much better prices. The difference between the quality levels at AssignmentMan is not too big, so purchasing a better quality paper should not cost you a lot more than a paper of standard quality. On top of it, you can add discounts to your order, and quite hefty ones.

Quality of Papers

This service’s high reputation is mostly owed to their assignment writers. Apparently, they have a rigorous and very selective process of hiring writers as said on the website. This was confirmed for our AssignmentMan review in the paper a writer delivered to us.

The paper came five days after we placed the order. It was ordered within 6, so it actually came earlier. We paid a good price because of the newcomers’ discount that’s added to any new order.

When we finally received it, the results were more than satisfactory. The paper had no plagiarism based on our scanner, it had only one minor mistake in punctuation, and contained only relevant and reliable sources. Everything was properly referenced and the paper had our required format, not to mention that the writer obviously had a talent for writing.

Support Team

We usually contact the support team if something is wrong with the paper we receive. But, since the paper was great, we could only reach out to AssignmentMan to ask some general questions. Even though we thanked them for the paper and did not complain, the agent informed us that they’d provide us with a free revision upon request. It was a big surprise – actually being offered a revision without asking for it. Most companies look for ways to refuse you if you ask for a free revision.

Speed of Delivery

The speed of delivery was one of the biggest surprises. It’s not so often that you get the paper earlier from what you’ve requested in your order. This was such a case. We also read some comments from other customers and so far, we haven’t read anything that would indicate that these people miss deadlines. This confirms the validity of yet another guarantee – a timely delivery guarantee.

Special Offers

We already mentioned the first-time special offer. From what we’ve seen, this one changes throughout the year, so make sure to check for their offer when you open the page. The one we got was for a 10% discount, for which we used their code: firstman10. If this is not stated on the website, make sure to ask the support. They’ll provide you with the details for your first discount.

After you make the purchase, you’ll be informed of their loyalty program. We found this program to be rather attractive for customers since it grows the more frequently you order, so basically, the prices will only get better and better with time. Their discounts start at 5% and move up to 15%.

General Impression

Very few of the companies we have reviewed have ranked highly when we check their reputation with real customers. This is one of those companies. After we checked every described feature in this review, we agree with those positive comments. This service is really fast but thorough, which results in good papers. They also have a really good support system and guarantees that really work, so you shouldn’t worry about delays or bad quality. Overall, it’s one of the few services we can give high ratings to.

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