Open your search engine at any time and look for an essay writing service Australia and you’ll find the same thing – thousands of options. All these have the exact same promises. They can vary with the prices and the discounts, maybe even the service list. But, the bottom line is – they all look the same.

However, don’t let the first impression mislead you. Many students have been tricked and burned. They’ve lost their money because of the fine design and tricky marketing of promising companies.

Any order you make online should come after some research. If you don’t check the essay writing service Australia company, you might not get any of the things they offer. It’s the same with companies that sell papers.

But, even though every service will present itself as the best essay writing service, this will rarely be the truth. That’s why you need us.

Top Australian Writing Services 2020

Students really struggle with finding writing companies today. Most essay writing services Australia look amazing when you check their website, but tell a different story when you actually order. When you spend your money at a service, you expect what you have paid for and what you have been promised. But unfortunately, many students end up without their budget and are left with bad quality papers.

To make things easier and help you avoid big losses, we have created a list of some of the best essay writing services Australia 2020 online. We have checked these companies based on our criteria, therefore ensuring that they are really trustworthy. On this website, you can learn about companies that are not what they present them to be, but also about companies that you can fully trust with your funds and your papers.

Our top choices i.e. the best writing services of Australia excel in just about everything. They write quality papers and the costs aren’t high. To be more, top essay writing services create decent pricing and offer great discounts to their customers. This combined with a good reputation and trustworthy support is what makes them the most reliable choice for your essays.

Now without any further ado, we present you with the two best essay writing companies in Australia for this year.

1. – Rated 9.9/10

australianwritings review

Top Features

  • Generous 20% welcome discount for newcomers
  • A wide list of different services
  • Unbeatable reputation in terms of paper quality

AustralianWritings is a Sydney-based company with an amazing reputation with students. Their papers are reasonably priced and this service is known for its continuous quality of writing and of support. They have fixed discount programs for new and loyal customers, but also the most generous special offers that pop up throughout the year.

2. – Rated 9.7/10

AssignmentGeek review

Top Features

  • 15% first-time discount offered to new customers
  • A great loyalty program for their returning customers
  • Unmatched quality compared to other companies on the market

AssignmentGeek offers professional academic writing and editing help to every student. Their service range is offered to students of all academic levels and their prices are really competitive. This company is one of the most praised services among students who order online.

3. – Rated 9.5/10

myassignmentwriting review

Top Features

  • Professional and experienced Australian writers
  • 14% discount for the first order
  • Excellent quality combined with prompt delivery

Students in Australia and worldwide have given My Assignment Writing an excellent rating for a couple of reasons. We’ve learned about their great service list, the eloquent and dedicated writers, and the discounts that make the pricing of this service truly competitive. Combine this with a fast-acting and friendly support, and you get an excellent bargain.

4. – Rated 9.4/10 is one of the few Australian companies that have a combo of it all: quality, reasonable prices, and good support. This service tailors the papers to the needs of customers, delivers papers within really short deadlines, and is known for its great support and strong quality guarantees.

Best Essay Writing Service Reviews in Australia

We have discovered some great companies in the midst of the many services that offer academic help. This means that most of the services we came across offered bad or average quality. These are the companies you should stay away from unless you want to lose your money and get bad or copied content.

Based on the rating we give services, you can see which companies to eliminate from your list of choices. We have discussed in detail what was wrong with the services. We give companies points for services offered, quality, support, and pricing. If a company fails to offer any of these things, they aren’t worthy of your trust, your time, or your money.

With that in mind, we have found some companies that you definitely should avoid. Despite their good facade and big promises, the following companies have been a true disappointment for us and other students who shared their discontent on the Web.

1. – Rated 4.7/10

This service has a terrible reputation with students and after checking their site and their papers, we realized why. This service hires inexperienced and untrained writers, some of which definitely don’t have good English writing skills. They also have bad support and basically non-existent guarantees.

2. – Rated 2.4/10

Australian Help has a seemingly good website with many services offered, but their prices are quite high. To make matters worse, the quality they provide is usually bad or average, which means that this service charges students a small fortune in return for bad service.

3. – Rated 3.1/10

OzEssay looks impressive until you realize that the testimonials on their website aren’t realistic. This company has a really good service list and website, but they don’t stand behind their promises and are known to hire poorly qualified writers.

How We Determine Which is The Best Essay Service AU

Many things make a company the best essay writing service. For a company to get on our list of top Australian writing services 2020, it has to meet all of our criteria for quality, pricing, support, and versatility.

To figure out what company deserves the title best essay writing service in Australia, we use the following criteria in our evaluation:

  • Service range – the company needs to offer a wide range of services, enabling students to get all of their papers from one place.
  • Decent prices – reliable prices are crucial when it comes to ordering papers online because most students are already on a limited budget.
  • High quality – a company cannot be part of our best essay writing service reviews in Australia unless it offers excellent and consistent quality, not even if it excels in all the other things in our criteria list.
  • Reputation with timely delivery – no matter what the quality is like, you need the service to deliver the paper on time. Otherwise, it is worthless. This is why timely delivery is one of our strictest criteria when we write our best essay writing service reviews.
  • Responsive and quality support – when you need a company, they need to be able to provide you with fast and professional support.

Choosing a Great Essay Writing Service Australia

Thanks to our insight into companies’ prices, quality, and reputation, you can save a lot of time and money and choose the right solution to your academic problems. The companies we have rated as the best Australian essay writing services are the most reliable choices you have online. Instead of wasting your time and money on trying to figure out which company is honest and trustworthy, you can spend minutes reading our college paper writing service reviews and find out the truth about each of our reviewed companies.

Being able to learn the truth will save you many headaches and basically save your academic performance. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about writing companies from people who have actually used them!