Have you ever seen the freelance writing industry as an insider?

We have!

The team of College Essay Writers consists of former and current writers, who have worked at some of the most popular academic writing services on the market.

Our experience taught us many things:

  • You can’t tell if a service is great from a single look at its website. Everything may be outlined perfectly, but customers may still get scammed. It takes deeper evaluation to figure out if you’re on the right track.
  • We know what professional writers charge, so we can tell if a service is shady by looking at its pricing system. An expert writer won’t work for anything less than $15 per page. Add the fee of the agency to that, and you’ll get at least $17 as the starting price.

That’s the lowest quote for a longer deadline (usually 10 days) of Standard quality level. If you want better quality with greater urgency, you should be ready to pay more.

Those services that charge crazy expensive prices have high commission fees. The customer pays extra not for the quality of writing, but for the founders of the service to earn more. Those services that charge too low fees don’t offer quality. We’re sorry to break your bubble, but it’s a fact.

  • We’ve tested some of the best and some of the worst services inside-out. We know how they work because some of our team members have been part of them. We also order papers at the sites we review, so we can see how they handle orders today.
  • We know what a customer deserves from a writing service. When you pay a fair price to get your paper done, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a perfect result.

We created this reviewing service with an intention to guide students towards great academic writing agencies. There are several websites that deserve your attention. They offer fine quality for a reasonable price.

Then again, there are services that everyone should avoid. We’ll review the bad players in the industry, too.

Thanks to our reviews, you’ll easily identify the websites that have your back for different types of assignments.

The evaluations you read at CollegeEssayWriters are based on personal experience. We share detailed information about the quality that each service delivers since we order papers and see things from a customer’s perspective.

It’s a good idea to check our reviews before ordering papers online!