4.5 out of 10 points

General Overview

The impressions for between reviewers are mixed. Some say it’s the best service they’ve tried, but the impressions go as far as “they stole my money” for others. The truth is somewhere in between those two extremes. MyAssignmentHelp is not the worst writing service out there. But for the amount of money they charge, it’s certainly not the best one.

The free Auto Essay Typer tool is a joke, so we won’t waste our time on it. It’s not an essay writing tool; you just type random characters on your keyboard and it gives you a sample essay from its database.

The website is so confusing that you can’t understand what this service is. Is it an actual writing service? The prices aren’t listed. The list of services is confusing. Let’s check it out! You’ll find all the info you need in this MyAssignmentHelp review.

Prices and Discounts

We encountered the first problem as soon as we tried getting informed about the prices. My Assignment Help UK doesn’t give us a price chart. You have to go through many steps in the dropdown menu under Services to get to the first step of the order form. When you choose Essay, you get another list. When you choose Academic Essay Writing Service, you get yet another list. It’s a long one and it doesn’t make any sense. There are options like “do my essay online” and “write my essay online” in it. If you choose those options, you get a huge chunk of text that doesn’t tell you anything.

If you finally get to the order form, you’ll have to provide your email address before you can access it.

It’s too much work just to get a price. It’s no wonder why so many MyAssignmentHelp reviews mention that the students gave up on the service before placing an order.

The quotes are supposed to be “personalized,” so MyAssignmentHelp chooses to keep them private. We contacted the support to ask for a quote. She gave us a price of £25 per page for a simple essay with a deadline of 10 days. That’s within our category of expensive. When we asked about discounts, she told us that the discount was already calculated at that price. No kidding!

Quality and Deadlines

Paying £25 per page is not such a big problem when you get extreme quality. Unfortunately, doesn’t seem capable of delivering great quality. It’s a gimmicky service. We ordered an essay, and it seemed like the writer didn’t know how to handle that simple assignment. My Assignment Help UK delivered a freestyle paper that wasn’t formatted well.

When we asked for revisions, they accepted the requirement. The representative even said they were sorry about the misunderstanding. They returned the same paper, only it was compressed into five paragraphs this time.

The writer still missed the point of the structure. There was no thesis statement, no main arguments in the body paragraphs, and no conclusion that summed things up. It was random content structured in a way that was supposed to look like an essay. We asked for more revisions, but MyAssignmentHelp started ignoring our messages at that point.

Customer Reviews

There aren’t too many MyAssignmentHelp reviews online. But what we saw online was enough to confirm our experience. Other customers also complained about the lack of quality and structure in their content.

On a positive note, a representative from the service responded to the reviews on TrustPilot, saying they were sorry for the negative experience. If this means that they are trying to improve their service, it’s a good thing. Maybe we can expect better quality in the future. But at this point, the company has a lot to work on.

Final Verdict

To sum up this MyAssignmentHelp review, we have to complain about the high price and lack of quality we encountered here. In the reviews written by other customers, we noticed that some got a more affordable price. That’s not okay. Not having a clear pricing system is a big problem.

The unacceptable content was another big issue. The writer didn’t deliver an essay. We got content with scattered arguments that didn’t relate to any thesis statement. It seems like this is the only essay writing service whose writers don’t know what an essay is.

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