Brillassignment review
10 out of 10 points

If you look at our list of best essay writing services in the UK 2020, you will see BrillAssignment on top of it. And here we tell you why. is currently one of the more popular choices among students in the UK. We have read many great things about it, which convinced us to order and see how the service works. Brill Assignment reviews online were certainly convincing, and we aren’t only talking about the ones on the website.

Most of the time, websites publish only great reviews or write fake ones to reel customers in. But, we also looked at BrillAssignment reviews outside the site, on the Internet. Most of them were extremely good, which is a great start of this review.

Services Offered

We recommend that you click ‘check prices’ or ‘order now’ to see the full service list. There is an existing page with some services, but it is far from full. This can be a bit misleading, ergo the lowered rating of our review.

However, it is nothing serious or bad about the company. Their list is, in fact, extremely good. They offer everything to a student, from high school to Ph.D. education. They have many deadline options as well as quality options.

To be more specific – you can choose between their standard, premium, and platinum option. Brill UK also has an extremely short deadline option you can use for urgent orders, which is only 6 hours to the deadline.


A standard quality essay has a cost of $17.02 for a page, discount excluded. This applies to a deadline of only 10 days, which makes it a solid offer. Most companies that have such starting prices assign them to deadlines of 20 days or more. Compared to those and some other high-rated companies, this one has a pretty good pricelist.

In addition to the price you pay for the order, you can choose to get additional service. Their options are: VIP service package, VIP support, editor proofreading, and ‘fulfilled by top 10 writers’. To our big surprise, these come really cheap. The whole VIP package is $12.15, while getting the order written by their best costs only $5.99.Quality of papers

Quality of Papers

The quality is unmistakable. It is why Brillassignment managed to keep a high reputation intact for over ten years and why they are so popular in the UK market. We confirmed this with our order placement. As soon as the order came to our inbox, we were extremely happy with the outcome.

The order was proofread, formatted, error-free, plagiarism-free, and definitely carefully written. We didn’t have any complaints, which is a rarity with this type of service. In many cases where we reviewed companies, the quality suffered at the cost of the price reduction. Here, we got ourselves a very good discount as new customers, but it definitely did not impact the quality.

Support Team

For those in the UK, there is a UK toll-free number. For those who aren’t or prefer written communication, there is a really effective customer care team on live chat. We used both options and were happy with both responses we got. The agents were fast, friendly, and most importantly – helpful.

Speed of Delivery

Speedy delivery is one of the things this company is known for. They have their short deadlines, but also a very solid reputation for deliveries. In our case, they didn’t miss the deadline. We also didn’t encounter any such cases when we read those reviews.

Special Offers

The only special offer we found during the research was 15% off given to new customers. We used it – it is definitely a real thing and it makes the pricing that much more affordable.

There isn’t a loyalty program, though, at least not clearly presented on the website. We asked the support and they provided us with a discount for our second order. So, that’s worth giving a shot.

General Impression

All the information we gathered through research brought us to one certain conclusion – this is indeed a fine service. They have some website organization issues, but other than that, everything is great. It is hard to find a company that has low prices and proven quality, but this one is it. Therefore, we definitely recommend them for use to those in need of quality service and good content delivered on time.

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