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OzEssay review
3.1 out of 10 points

OzEssay.com.au has a full page of reasons why you should choose them, but it didn’t convince us. Most Australian essay writing services make the same, big promises, but only a few have delivered after we checked them personally. And according to some of the Oz Essay reviews we read, this company is a lot like those fraudulent companies that use such pages as a really good marketing strategy. Thankfully, we have our ways of determining which reviews paint the right picture – the OzEssay reviews on their website or those outside of it.

If you want to learn the answer, you should keep reading our OzEssay.com.au review.

Services Offered

OzEssay is packed with offers in terms of writing, editing, and proofreading papers for those who need them. They have all the papers that come to mind when you think of academic assignments, plus some more. There are essays and dissertations, research papers and term papers, and even projects like lab reports and programming there. At this part of our Oz Essay review, the company gained some points.


To be honest, because we couldn’t find a single OzEssay review on the web that was as impressive as that on their website, we expected low prices. Most low rated companies have low prices. They use them to trick people to buy. But, not OzEssay.

This company has average prices, which isn’t bad at all. The average isn’t an immediate red flag, but it’s good since it would mean that the rates are reasonable. For example, high school students can get most of their papers at the lowest price of $15.78 per page. The higher level available, doctorate level, can pay the lowest of $26.88 per page.

These aren’t bad rates if the quality is good but unfortunately, OzEssay has a really bad reputation with quality.

But before we get into that part of this OzEssay review, let’s discuss discounts. Unfortunately, information about discounts is really misleading. You’ll find information that there’s a 10% discount for newcomers and if you choose that one, you’ll miss out on the chance to use their 15% discount code. To get this one, you need to share with them your e-mail address in the intended field for this discount.

Not only is this misleading and vague, but there aren’t any discounts for customers other than this. Oz Essay obviously decided to take care of their new customers but forgot about something even more important – the returning ones.

Quality of Papers

Knowing that there aren’t discounts was a disappointment. Most students don’t go back to companies who aren’t willing to give them a loyalty program. Even so, we checked the quality to see why the reputation of this service is as it is. The bad comments could not have possibly been just because of the loyalty program, especially since most are from new customers who never got back for more papers.

When the paper came to us, we realized why the reputation of this company is like that. Oz Essay has really bad writers what is evident in the quality provided. Or, better to say, the lack of it.

The paper we received from them had everything wrong with it. It was plagiarized, full of mistakes, not at all formatted, and it even came an hour late. But apparently, these aren’t reasons enough to get a refund here despite the fact that they explicitly promise one to their customers.

Support Team

We spoke to the team to discuss the problems we had with the paper, hoping that they’ll come up with a solution. The agent of the company kept repeating that we’re only entitled to a free revision if the paper doesn’t fit our original order details.

Since the paper was mostly copied and full of mistakes, not to mention a really bad quality, this was pretty much what has happened. But apparently, you have to get a different word count or an entirely different paper to be entitled to any kind of a refund or even a revision there. Even though the support was responsive, they weren’t at all helpful or professional.

Speed of Delivery

The delay in our case wasn’t grave, but what if it was a student who had to submit the paper right away? We don’t see how anyone could submit such bad quality in the first place, but the delay only made things worse. It seems that this happens often because we frequently read about delays when we checked the testimonials on the web.

Special Offers

There are not any special offers on the website other than the 10% and 15% discounts for newcomers, at least not when we were checking the website. There are features that you can pay extra to get such as top writer for $7.49, premium writer for $14.98, initial draft for 20% extra, etc. But, there were also some strange additional features, features that should have been included in the price in the first place. These include the full-text sources for 15% extra, quality check for 70% extra, etc.

General Impression

Oz Essay may look good when you check their reasonable prices and big service list, but this is not a trustworthy or a legit service. They overcharge for bad service and even worse papers, don’t take responsibility for the lack of expertise of their writers and have no loyalty discounts or special offers for their returning customers. Not to mention, they seem to frequently delay the papers.

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